Planning a New Remodel?

Let our residential electrician rewire your home in Durham & Sanford, NC

When you're looking to remodel your home, your electrical wiring can be a tricky hurdle to overcome. Before you start trying to reroute wires yourself, let Joseph Fredley Electric in Durham & Sanford, NC take a look at things. Our residential electrician can rewire your home and install new features based on your remodeling plans.

You can have us:

  • Rewire your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom
  • Change your light fixtures
  • Add new fans and outlets
  • Install heated towel bars and hand dryers
Ready to start remodeling your home? Schedule an appointment with our residential electrician today.

Bring your generator back online

Bring your generator back online

Is your generator not working how it should? We can get it back in peak condition with our generator repair services.

Our electrician will perform a thorough inspection of your generator to see what could be causing it to fail. Once we've found the problem, we'll get to work right away on fixing it.

Reach out to us now to learn more about our generator repair services.